Boiler Servicing 

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At Technical Gas Heating & Plumbing Ltd we carry out extensive boiler servicing on all boiler manufacturer types.

Just like a car, a boiler needs to be well maintained in order to keep it operating at its best.


An annual service helps ensure that your boiler is running as efficiently and safely as possible.

There are a number of key benefits of a regular boiler service.

Key Benefits of a regular boiler service

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Validates your guarantee


In order to keep up with your manufactures warranty the manufacture states that the boiler must be serviced annually by a gas safe registered engineer, failing to do so may invalidate your warranty and you will be liable for any repairs to the boiler. 




A regular service will ensure your boiler components are checked and operating safely.

Extends your boiler life


Regular servicing ensures your boiler can deliver reliable heating and hot water comfort year after year.


Maximises energy efficiency


An annual service ensures that your boiler is as energy efficient as possible, helping to keep fuel bills low.


Fewer breakdowns


As you would expect when you take your car for its MOT, when you have your boiler serviced, all the main components are checked for wear and tear, and replaced if necessary. That means that it is less likely to breakdown when you need it the most, particularly in the cold winter months.